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The first publication of The Waynedale News came out on September 2, 1932. The name of the paper at that time was The Waynedale Press. Arden McCoy was the editor and the paper was a single sheet. It was hand delivered door to door just as it is today. It is now distributed to over 10,000 homes and businesses in the Waynedale area.

Listed below are the hard working dedicated carriers that bring you “the good news” about Waynedale.

The Kimmel Family, Larry, Kara, Lance and Brittany deliver in the Avalon area. They save their route money for family vacations.

Andrew Niemoeller, 17, is a Junior at Bishop Luers High School. He uses his route money for gas and extra fun. He delivers in the Woodhurst area.

The Schaefer family work together to deliver bubble drops to local businesses. CJ-12, Nathan-11, and Zach-7, split the money between them. CJ attends Kekionga Middle School. Nathan and Zach attend Waynedale Elementary School.

Steve Leffers helps his kids, Krista and Corey, deliver in Lakewood Addition. Krista is a junior at Bishop Luers and Corey is in fifth grade at Saint Therese.

Bryan Cox is a senior at Elmhurst High School and plans on attending IPFW. Bryan carriers the Old Trail Road area.

Charlotte and Dorothy Janovyak deliver in the Indiana Village area. Charlotte is in ninth grade and Dorothy is in fifth. Charlotte and Dorothy are both home schooled. They split their route money and then put it into savings.

Shawn and Emmily McCune work together as a father and daughter team to deliver in the Cottage Avenue area. Emmily is 13 years old and a seventh grader at Memorial Park Middle School. She saves some of her money, either for college or maybe a cell phone.

Jeremiah Campos is 15 years old and delivers Southeast. Jeremiah is home schooled and spends some of the route money and saves the rest.

Christine Wilson delivers in the Lakewood area. Her son, Joe helps her with the route. She is a life-long Waynedale resident and uses the route to fill in free time.

Skylar & Cierra Kindy are both at Wayne High School. They split the route money and it supplements what they earn at Azars, working with their mom, Jo Kindy. The Kindy’s deliver in the Pheasant Run Addition.

Justin and Al Schoeff deliver in the Hillcrest Addition. Al also owns Live Wire Electric. Justin is a freshman at Southside High School and enjoys playing video games.

Kelly Volz and her two children, Matt and Mason, make delivering the news a family project. Matt is 10 and is in fourth grade. Mason is 6 and in first grade. Both kids attend St. Therese School.

Shaun Burridge is a senior at Concordia High School. She uses her route money to pay off her credit card bills. Shaun delivers in the Winterset Addition.

Joe Rife, Jordan and CJ Stark. Joe is 13 and attends eighth grade at Kekionga Middle School. Jordan is at Waynedale Elementary and CJ attends Kekionga Middle School. Their moms Deb Rife and Lisa Stark help them with their Belle Vista and Sandpoint paper routes.

Joe, Julia and Kasey Shepard deliver the North Lower Huntington route. Joe, 14, and Kasey, 13 attend Miami Middle School. Julia is a freshman at Wayne High School. Their mom and dad, Mary and Jack Shepard, help with the transportation. The kids get to go shopping with their route money.

Dawn Custard gets some help from her son as she delivers the South Waynedale paper route.

Jim (Rooster) & Wendy Cassell cover bubble drops in the Jefferson Blvd. area. He uses the money to supplement his income. Rooster is also a DJ and a history buff of early radio in Fort Wayne.

Amy Poffenberger delivers the South Lower Huntington route. She also works at Dupont Hospital and has three children: Shawn, Kyle and Jenn. Kyle attends Wayne and his sister Jenn attends Memorial Park.

Peter Schnellenberger is a freshman at Elmhurst High School. He delivers the Avalon #2 route and does whatever he wants with the route money. “Mostly I just blow it on fun things.”

Elizabeth, Meredith and Jamison Lindsay, 14, 12 and 10, get a lot of help from their Dad, Jim. They deliver the Southwood Park area. Elizabeth, Meredith and Jamison are home schooled. (Elizabeth Lindsay was not available for a picture)

Sue Stalter (Allison Route) and Trey Shirely (West Sandpoint Route) were not available for a photo.

It has been a pleasure serving the Waynedale area, and we thank you for being such a loyal reader.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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