Dear Readers,

The place is a town called Chesterfield. It is about an hour south of the Fort. We, that is, my oldest and dearest friends, have known about it for some years, but have never visited it. Perhaps because what we were leery of what we would be told, or psychic stuff seemed a bit out of our realm or, perhaps, we just hadn’t gotten around to it. But, this Halloween, Nancy Lee, Betsy Cochran, and I traveled to Chesterfield, Indiana to a little village (it appeared to have been built in the 40′) that is comprised of cottage after cottage of mediums. The kind that make things go bump in the night. We got a tiny motel room within the village and set ourselves for the adventure ahead.

We began on Friday. That was the fortune telling time. We each had our own reading. On Saturday, we continued the adventure with palm readings, tarot card readings, and in the evening, we had the clairvoyant session, the flame readings (have you ever heard of flame readings?) and the “personal item reading” which had a name, but I don’t remember what it is called.‑ In that one, we all put a ring or watch or whatever personal item we chose into a collection plate which was taken to the front of the small church. Each item was extracted and the spirits gave each of us a message. The medium takes each item in the basket and holds it in her hand. Then she gives a reading from the jewelry.

The big event was the séance. Eight people gathered in a room with an 80 year old psychic.‑ She is referred to as being in the master class. She was a beauty, and I am not exaggerating. She was not only beautiful, she was dressed impeccably and had a grace and wisdom in her countenance that is seldom seen in one her age. She drifted from one of us to the other, and held our hands. She then placed her hand on our foreheads, speaking to each one of us with words that seemed to come from her depth.‑ The lights were turned out.‑ We were then visited by a spirit from the north, south, east, and west.‑ They gave, (speaking through the 80 year old psychic’s voice),‑messages we were to take to heart, and‑carry with us when we left. This was quite enlightening. It seems that there is a (departed) doctor from Austria who wants to help me in writing my book. I admit I could use the help.‑I am going to go on line and try to find any information on him that I can, as I was given his name.

When the spirits left, and the lights were turned on, there was a stone left by the spirits for each of us. We were instructed not to let anyone ever touch our stone. It has special qualities that belong only to the one the spirits‑intended it for. Now, I’m not going to influence my readers by making any statements that would influence them one way or the other. I will say that it was an adventure not to be missed. It was a beautiful autumn weekend with‑good friends, lots of laughter, eating,‑and talking. That, in itself, was to be treasured.

Our weekend together was another grand adventure in the lives of old friends who started out at Waynedale School, graduated from Elmhurst, and continue to this day.‑ Unfortunately, Gelaine Listenberger and Billie Blush,‑were not able to be with us, but we are planning another‑adventure next year.‑ My advice is…never get too old to have a new experience!

Getting in touch with the spirits, Mae

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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