The parks will close in order to accommodate the annual deer herd reduction, for the second half of the controlled hunt on Monday, November 29 and Tuesday, November 30.

The 15 state parks are: Chain O’Lakes, Charlestown, Clifty Falls, Fort Harrison, Harmonie, Indiana Dunes, Lincoln, Ouabache, Pokagon, Potato Creek, Shades, Summit Lake, Tippecanoe River, Turkey Run, and Whitewater Memorial. Twin Swamps Nature Preserve also is included in the herd reduction.

The Indiana DNR first began to reduce the size of the deer herds occupying Indiana’s state parks in 1993 with a one-day reduction at Brown County State Park. Since then, deer herd reductions have been conducted at 20 of Indiana’s 22 state parks.

After the General Assembly required the DNR director to order a state park hunt (when a species of a wild animal begins to cause damage to the ecosystem of that park) the DNR developed a scientific measure to determine a schedule for the deer herd reductions. DNR biologists and naturalists now determine the need for a reduction each year on a park-by-park basis. Additional information about the state park deer herd reductions is available on the DNR Web site at: www.in.gov/dnr/public/evaluation/index.html

Hunters who have completed the Indiana Hunter Education Course are given preference to participate in the hunts. The firearm hunts are limited to shotguns, muzzleloaders and pistols. Bow and arrow, rather than firearms, are used at the Clifty Falls and Fort Harrison controlled hunts. Archers who have completed the International Bow Hunter Education Program will be given preference also.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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