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This I Believe…

by Chris Mathes

We hope you plan to enroll all first grade boys in the Tiger Cub Program so they can enjoy activities and camping experiences! Be sure to share the following article with the parents of prospective members!

Every parent understands the value of spending personal time with his or her children. Yet in our demanding, fast paced society, we often find ourselves looking back at missed opportunities. More than any other youth program available today, Cub Scouting supports parent and son relationships in ways that result in memories of time well spent together.

The Cub Scout program is uniquely designed to meet the needs of young boys and their parents. Cub Scouting meets these needs by offering fun and challenging experiences that boys and parents can enjoy together.

Such experiences range from learning how to put up a tent, swim, properly care for animals, or use hand tools to complete small projects. In a recent study by Louis Harris and Associates of New York, at least 90 percent of parents mention that because of Cub Scouting, they share time with their sons by working on projects together, going places together, and talking together.

These experiences are truly time well spent. If such interactions are not made priorities, valuable avenues for a parent to demonstrate love and commitment are lost. A father says, “Scouting gives my son and me a lot of time to talk and share stories about childhood.” Young boys recognize that the priorities of parenting are expressed in how parents spend their time.

Perhaps as important, Cub Scouts learn skills in an environment that includes other boys their age. The boys work together, play together, challenge each other, and encourage one another. Parents indicate that social skills their boys learn through Cub Scouting include how to get along with others, how to respect other’s feelings, and how to treat others.

Benefits like these cause one Cub Scout mother to summarize Cub Scouting this way: “Scouting helps build self-esteem. It teaches boys about the community they live in.” While every parent wants his or her son to have fun experiences in their childhood, fun alone is not enough. Young boys need safe environments and activities that promote strong values and character. These are elements that families strive to provide and that Cub Scouting supports.

When Cub Scout parents identify what they want from Scouting and what their boys receive, the top five answers include have fun, develop new skills, learn to respect others, be in a friendly, safe environment, and learn moral/ethical values.

Another particularly strong benefit of Cub Scouting is that more than half of pack meetings include activities involving boys of different ethnic backgrounds. And, since most boys are in uniform at meetings, boys gain a sense of being part of a team, without the socio-economic barriers that might otherwise be expressed through attire.

Young boys grow up fast. Give your son a valuable gift by encouraging him to join Cub Scouting today. The time you give him today will make a difference in the person he becomes tomorrow!

The Waynedale News Staff

Gary McOmber

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