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Wednesday, August 18, American Legion Post 241 awarded nine scholarships to outstanding local students. Charlie Rathsack, Commander Post 241, opened the ceremony by introducing American Legion officers Ralph Doty, Charlie Walter, Dave Mendenhall, Stan Pflueger, and former Commanders Bert Depue and Chuck Manor.

Five of the nine students were available to receive their $1000 awards. Charlie mentioned that next year they hope to operate the scholarship program between May 1, and July 1 so that more of the recipients could be present.

The scholarship recipients present were: Stacy Jackson, Kevin Meek, and Anna Rosenorris, Indiana University, Cassandra Caudill, Purdue University and Tiffany Hissong, St. Francis University. Those recipients unable to attend were: April Williams, graduate student, Doctor of Optometry at Indiana University, Christi Rathsack, graduate student, Doctor of Physical Therapy at Northwestern University, Michelle Hamlin, former Bishop Luers standout, who is studying medicine at University of Saint Francis, and Robert Rathsack, Ohio University.

Commander Rathsack also mentioned that next year they hope to include trade school students in their scholarship program.

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