The last thing I think I ever wanted to see would be Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton making out. I don’t think I know anyone who would want to. Never the less, Something’s Gotta Give focuses on the less than likely romance between the two.

In the movie, Keaton plays Erica Barry, a famous playwright who is surprised to find a half dressed Harry Sanborn (Nicholson) basking in front of her refrigerator one day. Harry is dating Erica’s daughter, Marin (Amanda Peet, Identity), who is about forty years his junior. Erica seriously dislikes him and is uncomfortable with Marin dating Harry, a “known bachelor.” Things get sticky when Harry has a heart attack and is forced to spend a few weeks with Erica in her Hampton beach house. While at the hospital, Julian (Keanu Reeves), Harry’s doctor and a fan of Erica’s plays, meets Erica and a romance between the two buds. A love triangle also buds as Erica warms up to Harry during his stay. The movie shifts its attention away from the Harry/Marin relationship onto Erica, who is using her experiences as the inspiration for a new play, and the discovery of her own attractiveness along with the possibility of finding love again after 50.

Ahh, yes, another movie that went way too long. I firmly believe that a movie should never breech two hours unless absolutely necessary to tell the story. Something’s Gotta Give runs about two hours and fifteen minutes long and probably could have been cut back by a half an hour. It felt like the writers couldn’t decide on an ending so they wrote two and used both. I was overwhelmed by closure that made the whole movie seem insincere.

Writing problems aside, this was an extremely well acted movie. Both Keaton and Nicholson have received Golden Globe nominations for their roles. It was fun to see Keanu Reeves as something other than matrix defying “one.” His role as the sugary sweet doctor is reminiscent of his “Bill and Ted” days. Amanda Peet (whose eyebrows I definitely identify with) was also very good as the confused but loving Marin.

As far as location, this movie could not have done better. It begins in the Hamptons and ends in Paris. Keaton’s character begins clean cut, neutral and calm, much like her beach house. She turns into a romantic, sexy woman in love, where else could it end but Paris?

Overall, I think that this movie could have been very good if the writers had picked one ending and stuck with it. The acting and visuals gave Something’s Gotta Give a lot of unused potential.

The Waynedale News Staff

Kasey Butcher

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