The first publication of The Waynedale News came out on September 2, 1932. The name of the paper at that time was The Waynedale Press. Arden McCoy was the editor and the paper was a single sheet. It was hand-delivered door to door just as it is today. It is now distributed to over 11,000 people on the southwest side of Fort Wayne. Listed below are the hard working carriers that bring you the “good news” about Waynedale and the Fort Wayne area.

Meredith Lindsay, 11 and Jamison Lindsay, 9 both attend Indian Village School. Their dad, Jim, works for the Redevelopment Commission for the City of Fort Wayne and helps them on their paper route. The kids spend their route money on movies and fun things from the store.

Emmily McCune is 12 years old and carries in the South Wayne area. Emmily is in the 6th grade at Memorial Park Middle School. She used some of her route money to buy Christmas gifts. Andrew McCune, Emmily’s brother helps her on her route. He will be 9 until January 13th and is a 4th grader at South Wayne Elementary School.

Kenny Aschliman is a freshman at South Side High School. He has been delivering The Waynedale News for the past five years and will begin driving this summer. He saves most of his route money.

Skyler and Cierra Kindy deliver in Pheasant Run area. They are both students at Wayne High School. They play baseball and softball at Wayne and keep their throwing arms in shape by delivering The Waynedale News. Their mom, Jo Kindy also helps with the route, but was too shy to get her picture taken.

Schnellenberger is in the 8th grade at St. Therese Catholic School. He runs track and likes to play Dungeons and Dragons. His mom helps fold the papers and his dad transports him to his route. He saves half of his route money and spends the rest on fun things.

Dorothy and Charlotte Janovyak are 9 & 13 respectively. Both are home schooled and deliver in the Indian Village Addition. Charlotte sings with the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir. They split the paper money with some going into savings and some for fun. Dorothy is hoping to buy a Beagle sometime soon.

Corey Leffers is 9 years old. He and his sister, Krista deliver in the Lakewood area, but folding and distribution is a family task that everyone pitches in on. Corey spends some of his route money on Lego’s. Krista was away at basketball practice when I stopped for their picture.

Bryan Cox is 17 and a junior at Elmhurst High School. He plays baseball and tennis, and delivers on Old Trail Road.

Heather Hendrickson is 13 and attends Memorial Park Middle School. She plays golf and belongs to a Bass Club. The family pet is her faithful sidekick, Sarah.

Justin Schoeff and his dad Al, deliver in the Hillcrest area. Al helps Justin on the paper route and Justin helps his dad in his business, which is Live Wire Electric.
Justin uses his route money to pay for cable TV and buy video games.

Nathan and Zachary Schaefer, 10 & 6, attend Waynedale Elementary. Nathan loves to buy baseball cards and Zach spends his hard earned money on Jnco Jeans.

Justin Stalter, carries the Allison Drive area. He was not available for photo.

Larry Kimmel and his wife Kara, and children Lance and Brittany deliver The Waynedale News to the Avalon area.

Matt Voltz is 9 and his brother Mason is 5. They both play little league baseball and like spending their route money at the Little League concession stand.

The Waynedale News continues to function with the care, dedication, and hard work of Editor/Publisher Bob Stark, Associate Editors Cindy Cornwell and Ray McCune.

The long ago pledged support of local businessmen and subscriptions from local patrons provides a billboard for the exchange of ideas and ideals. The Waynedale News gives us a voice with which to exchange information within our ever-growing community of Waynedale.

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