1 can sliced potatoes (drain & save liquid)

1 small can mushrooms (drain & save liquid)

4 green onions (chopped)

1 medium green pepper (chopped)

8 eggs (break into bowl with above liquid – beat together)

1 pkg. Smoky Links (boil to remove grease – drain)

1 pkg. Shredded cheddar, pepper jack, or Mexican cheese

3 or 4 tbsp. Olive oil or vegetable oil

salt & pepper to taste

1 pkg. Smoky Links (boil in water to remove grease – drain)

#12 Dutch oven

hot charcoal briquets


Put 5 or 6 hot briquets under the Dutch oven and brown the potatoes in the bottom of the Dutch oven with the olive oil. Beat the eggs with the potato/mushroom liquid, stir in the chopped green onion and the chopped green pepper. Arrange drained Smoky Links in a pinwheel pattern on top of the fried potatoes. Pour the egg mixture over the potatoes and Smoky Links. Sprinkle the shredded cheese over the egg mixture. Cover, put 10 to 12 hot briquets on top of the covered Dutch oven, and bake until eggs are set – about 30 minutes. Cool for 5 minutes, cut into 8 pie wedges, and serve.

Should feed 8 adults or 4 Boy Scouts when served with hot coffee or hot cocoa, hot oatmeal, orange juice, canned peaches (or fresh fruit), toast, butter, and jelly.


NOTE: Add eggs (two per person) to serve more people.

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