Life Is Like a Big Hunt


Last week my sons, Greg, Kevin, and I went to Montana to hunt for mule deer and elk. Two other men in the camp were from PA. Greg, Kevin and I, of course wanted to get as large an animal as possible but, to get a decent size one was better than waiting for the largest and not getting any at all.

The first day out I spotted what was to me the largest one I had ever been close to. The buck walked out in the clearing for me to have a shot. I took it, and got my deer the first day. The men from PA did not think it was large enough for them to shoot, so they had none.

The second day Kevin, who has never shot a deer had a shot, and took it. His deer was about the same size as mine –the other men still had none. The week ended and they went home deerless!

It is like thinking God’s gifts to us are not what they should be. We wait for the big one and go home empty handed. God’s gifts are all we can handle and we better take what he offers. His gifts are always the best. You can’t get anything or anyone better than Jesus. He is the best God could give us-and he did.

God is good all the time-All the time God is good.

The Waynedale News Staff
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