Congrats to the Luers’ Football team for a job well done in winning the state football title in their division!! What an effort!! Also a big pat on the back to the Snider and Dwenger football teams as well—all three of these teams have elevated Fort Wayne’s football reputation to a new level. Good luck to Luers’ and Elmhurst’s and Wayne’s as well as other high school men’s and women’s basketball teams—have a great season!

I’m still receiving reports of dumping of trash and debris on private as well as public property. We’re trying to keep the Waynedale-Indian Village area as well as the rest of Fort Wayne clean and neat. I don’t feel we should tolerate for a second these characters who feel they can use everyone else’s property to dump whatever they want to dump. This is a good opportunity for me to remind any “dumpers” that there’s a fine of up to $2500 for dumping on private or public property. Since passage of a new city ordinance last year the citizen who reports the illegal dumping of trash is eligible for a cash reward of up to 50% of any fine collected following a conviction. Call the city solid waste department at 427-1170 to report dumping!

You may have read and heard some recent discussion regarding the Indiana State Inventory Tax that is gradually being phased out. The Fort Wayne City Council has the opportunity in 2003 to speed up reduction of the inventory tax that will gradually be eliminated between now and 2007 regardless of Council’s action. I favor the accelerated phase-out because I believe that the business inventory tax has been a drag on economic development for many years. The problem is that the most aggressive inventory tax cutters are making a point not to discuss this reality: Unless Council acts “preventatively” by cutting essential services or by establishing an alternative revenue source, the result will be a PROPERTY TAX INCREASE. I’m working hard on this challenge—I hate the property tax that often hits hardest those least able to pay such as retirees on fixed incomes. I’ll keep you posted. Let me know your thoughts!

Best Wishes for the Holiday Season! Take a walk or a drive with your family and friends and enjoy holiday lights at this great time of the year! Give me a call or email me with any questions or suggestions or problems that I can help resolve.


Tom Hayhurst
4th District City Councilman

The Waynedale News Staff
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Tom Hayhurst

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