Aesthetic Plant Specialists is excited to announce its sponsorship of a brand new poinsettia variety that raises funds for breast cancer awareness and research. The new poinsettia, PINK RIBBON, is available for the first time through this company. It is one of the many plants designated as a “Plant for the Cure.” For every poinsettia purchased, the plant breeder donates money to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation exists to raise awareness of the 179,000 women and men each year afflicted with Breast Cancer. The PINK RIBBON poinsettias are in bloom now through mid-December. Aesthetic Plant Specialists carries the PINK RIBBON and 25 varieties of poinsettias in a range of sizes from a 2″ pot to a jumbo 14″ pot. The company grows the Prestige red, white, pink, plum/burgundy, salmon, and many other novelty colors.

They are a regional wholesale and commercial provider of seasonal blooming plants for the indoors and outdoors. Aesthetic Plant Specialists was established by the Hensch Brothers-John and Ken. For more information, contact Nathan Smith, or the owners at 260-747-7389 between 9am and 4pm Monday through Friday. They have been in business as Fort Wayne’s Plant and Flower Specialists since 1974.

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