After Tech’s 7th year of N.A.I.A. Women’s Soccer they had their most successful season because of a roster of twenty very competitive players. This team is one tough bunch with this year’s record of 17-3-2.

Tech should again be outstanding next year with this team’s roster of 2-Seniors, 9-Juniors, 4-Sophmores, and 4-Freshmen.

Jessica Gullett, 1998 Elmhurst graduate was a part of this team. Being a Junior she will again participate in Tech’s program next year. Jessica played basketball her Freshman year at Elmhurst as well as soccer and track other years. She started at IPFW, transferred to Indiana Institute of Technology, red-shirted last year, and became an athletic and powerful defender. A defender in soccer gets about as much notoriety as an offensive football linesman. She did however have a goal scored and 2 assists for four total points this year.

In the N.A.I.A. Region VIII Women’s Tournament game played November 15 at Taylor University field they lost to the University of Saint Francis after both teams played hard during cold weather, snow, two periods, and two overtimes with the score 0-0. This game goes on record as a tie, but Saint Francis advanced to the regional championship in the Shoot-out.

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