Dear Readers,


I know, I know, I was going to give you some more of my Derby recipes, but since Derby is a long way off, and Christmas will come before next Derby, I wanted to give you a neat Christmas idea. I can do this for you, if you wish, or I will tell you how to do it. It is a gift, made by you, that doesn’t cost much and will be cherished.

For those of you who are not familiar with transfers of picture (any pictures) to cloth, it is an amazing thing to do. It can be done on your home computer or you can go to a copy shop and ask that a picture be transferred to treated cloth. Use 200 count muslin (this is important because 200 count gives you much greater density and you don’t get those “nubs” that can really screw up your project if it is on a nose or chin! There is a process you need to put your cloth through, first, but it is easy. Just follow the directions on Bubble Jet Set 2000. (Get it at your fabric shop). Let it dry, flat, and iron it. Once you have transferred your picture to muslin, (I use white muslin) you are ready to go. You can just use your imagination on what colors you want to use, and how big you want your pillow to be. The more borders you put on, the bigger the pillow. When you have finished with your borders and your embellishments, then choose a fabric for the back. Placing your fabric pieces face to face, so the backs are showing, just sew them together at the edges using a 1/4 inch seam. Leave about a 3 inch space that is not sewn together. Turn right side out, using this opening, and stuff it with stuffing material from Walmart, or wherever you get your fabric. Once stuffed, just sew up the hole and walla! Your Christmas gift is finished. My sister, who lives on Lower Huntington Road, is doing this too, and she has done some beauties. You can put lace, buttons, or any kind of embellishments on it if you wish. It only takes me about an hour or two to do the pillow, once the transfers are made. A great gift for anyone in your family from young to old. If you think this seems complicated, or you don’t want to tackle it, just send me your picture (which is not damaged in the process of transferring to cloth), and I will send you back the picture and the finished pillow. I will use colors to coordinate with the picture. If you have an old picture of your grandparents, these make nice pictures, too. So, give it a try and you will be so surprised with the results. If you want me to make it for you, I charge $35.00 per pillow, plus postage. These will be decorative pillows, not pillows to use. If you have any questions, just forward them to me via The Waynedale News. I will be glad to talk you through your project, or do it for you. But, you can do it and have fun! Your kids will love the project too! Only straight seams are used so it is easy enough for a beginner.


Good luck!

Looking forward to Christmas !

Mae Julian

The Waynedale News Staff
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