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Many people who are online also have an e-mail address. Some of you probably have more than one e-mail address. An e-mail address that you use for work and one for home, This is very important because your work e-mail address should probably be used for only work. Many employers are cracking down on “government use” of the business e-mail and internet connection. “Government Use:” meaning no for actual business purposes.

Employers can terminate an employee for using the business computer and e-mail for their own personal use. It may seem anomynous as you can surf blindly online and use e-mail thinking your not bothering anything. Many business office systems, can use their system administrator to see and catalog every webpage and every e-mail that your computer went to. Using a computer for personal use is like making long distant phone calls to your grandmother from work; especially if your not going to pay for it.

It’s a good idea to separate your work and personal e-mails and files so that they don’t reside on your work computer. Even if you think it is alright with your supervisor, try and maintain a line of separation between the two. Employers can always go to that for ground of termination, and they have every right to see what is on your work computer.

As far as e-mails go, I like to have a third e-mail for junk mail. Imagine have a separate mailbox for nothing but junk mail. This third e-mail should be a free, like hotmail, yahoo mail, or some other free e-mail service. With a free e-mail service you’ll also get some junk mail with it anyways. That’s why free internet e-mail is free. To avoid contaminating your personal or home e-mail with junk mail, never sign up for newsletters that ask for your e-mail address; unless it’s for important business. On your computer you can set up that extra e-mail as a junk mail account and trash all of your e-mail as you get it.

Many new e-mail programs like Microsoft’s Outlook, Eudora and Mailsmith can filter out junk e-mail and move them to a special category so you don’t have to go through them trying to find the important stuff.

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