photos by Cindy Cornwell, Bob Stark, Ray McCune,   artwork by Rob Jackson
photos by Cindy Cornwell, Bob Stark, Ray McCune, artwork by Rob Jackson
The Waynedale Memorial parade was larger than ever and the people of Waynedale and the surrounding areas showed their appreciation by attending in record numbers. The picnic at the Waynedale Park, following the parade, was also double what it was last year. There were plenty of free fishing poles, games and a moonwalk for the kids.

We talk alot in this newspaper about years gone by, because it is enjoyable to reminisce about the past. It’s great remembering old times when life moved at a slower pace, but the “new” Waynedale is not about the past, it is about the present and the future. As the American Legion Auxiliary managed the moonwalk and the kids’ games, I watched as tier after tier of children wiggled their way in and out of the blow up bouncing room. They jumped and flipped and banged into each other until they were red-faced and sweaty. Then they munched on hotdogs from the Lions Club Bar-B-Q. They tried the swings, the merry-go-round, and the Jungle-Jim slides. When karaoke by J & R started, some of them even tried out their young voices in front of the crowd.

A man that had been at the park since the beginning, and had enjoyed it until the end walked up to me as I was sweeping up the place. He had obviously been through the good old days, as his white hair and lined face told the story of years gone by. His hands worked in the present as he had helped guide his grandchildren through the festivities of the day. He complimented me on the good turnout and how much fun his family had had on this “special” Memorial Day. He reached in his pocket, pulled out a generous contribution, and said, “This picnic at the park is good for the community”.

I explained that the three Posts, (American Legion Post #241, AMVETS Post #33, & VFW Post #1421) were footing the bill for the events and that the planning is a continuous thing that they have been adding to every year.

I thanked him for his vision and turned the donation over to Charlie Rathasack, Commander at American Legion Post #241, not for the events of 2002, but for the year 2003, which will be “the good old days” when these kids are alot older.

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