Comment: They changed some fishing rules but this writer would have to use the whole paper to decipher the rules and regulations for fishing in Indiana. Go to your nearest county seat and ask for the complete set of DNR rules and regulations pertaining to fishing in Indiana and try to read and understand them. There is a different fishing rule for almost every foot of river/lake in the state. Just fish for bluegill and leave the rest of the fish alone and maybe, just maybe you can fish in peace and not break more than a half-dozen rules.

Why does Indiana have a trout fishing season? West Virginians can fish for trout the year ’round. Why is the bass limit 14 inches in one area and you have to catch and release in other areas? What is a slot limit? Why not just make one rule for fishing? Catch, clean, and consume all that you keep right there on the spot; that should do it.



Allow the use of .410 shotgun for deer hunting

Surrounding states Ohio, Kentucky, and Michigan all allow .410 shotguns for deer hunting. This rule was originally proposed by deer hunters who wanted to expand firearm options, especially for youth and women. DNR Law Enforcement officials believe that the .410 is sufficiently effective for deer hunting (when outfitted with proper sights).

Comment – what do they mean with proper sights? What would proper sights have to do with a .410? I’ve seen 20, 16, and 12 gauge shotguns going into the woods with nothing but a bead sight on the front. Why not make it illegal to hunt without proper sights on any gun?



Allow the hunting of turkeys all day during turkey season

The previous rule prohibited turkey hunting after noon. The change allows participation by people who cannot participate in early hours, such as kids in school. According to research from other states, the number of turkeys taken does not increase significantly by lengthening hunting hours.

Comment: It’s about time. Now how about doing something about State owned lands and hunting the areas you want to instead of what you draw?

Prohibit use of electrically powered or controlled turkey decoys

This change prohibits the use of electrically powered or controlled turkey decoys for turkey hunting. The use of these decoys is not in the spirit of fair chase and could potentially lead to safety problems since robotic decoys could be mistaken for game. This regulation does not affect the use of string or wind motion decoys.

Comment: Aw come on, what with camouflaged clothing, turkey calls, still life decoys, and every other thing available to trick turkeys into getting shot, what is ‘spirit of fair chase?



Remove the Sandhill Crane from the state list of endangered birds

The eastern population that stages in Indiana has increased to the point where the DNR’s Nongame Bird Technical Advisory Committee recommends that this species no longer be considered a state endangered species. The nesting population in Indiana has increased to the extent of its historical breeding range and the migrating population exceeds 30,000 individuals. Sandhill cranes will still be protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Protection Act and cannot be hunted.

Comment: Who hunts and eats cranes? I’m sure they don’t taste like pheasant.



“Housekeeping” rule changes are non-substantive changes that are made to clarify rules or correct mistakes in rules.

Comment: Why do we need more rules for Hunting and Fishing? I think someone in the state house has to justify their job by making more stupid rules than any sportsman can read and remember. None of us carry a complete set of rule books with us when we go hunting. Hey people down there in Indy, simplify, simplify, simplify. Now about that stupid squirrel hunting rule of “. . . below Route 40 the season goes out at the end of January and above Route 40 the season goes out at the end of December. I wonder if the squirrels know this? And since we’re on the subject of “HOUSEKEEPING”, why not issue trash bags and have hunters turn in a full bag of trash every time they go into the woods? This would eliminate all the empty Vienna sausage cans, snuff cans, pop cans, beer cans, and other junk in the areas where so called ‘sportsmen’ park their cars and pickups?

See you on the water or in the woods; I’ll be the one carrying the 40-pound Fishing/Hunting regulations book.

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