Allen County 4-H Clubs are sponsoring a Geranium Sale Fund Raiser. Each 4-inch potted geranium will cost $1.00. Colors offered this year include, Red, Salmon, White, Pink, Fushia, and Bi-Color (orange & white blooms). New in 2002 – 10″ hanging baskets of Boston Fern or Purple Wave Petunias for $10.00 each will be offered. Orders must be placed and paid for by March 29. The geraniums and hanging baskets will be available for pickup at the Allen County Fairgrounds, Lions Barn, on Thursday, May 9 from 8am to 8pm. For additional information or an order form please call the Purdue Cooperative Extension Office at 481-6826.

Did you receive a miniature (actually young) evergreen tree (Christmas Tree) as a gift? You know what I’m talking about; the kind that comes in a pot decorated in a theme (some are called Theme Trees)? Well don’t go planting them outside just yet. Read the instructions on the tag. Keep them inside near a window where there is plenty of sunlight and keep the soil moist. Do this after unwrapping the pot and getting rid of the Christmas paper. The paper holds water and will cause the soil to mold and the roots to rot. Set the pot on a plate. Have patience and enjoy the ‘living’ tree until warmer weather is here and the danger of freezing has past before you plant it outside. Give it plenty of space; it will get bigger you know.

Happy gardening.

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