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The Shamrock Search Returns!

Last year, over a thousand shamrocks were discovered! This year, as St. Patrick’s Day approaches, Waynedale is set to host an exciting event – not exactly a pot of gold, but a treasure trove of local prizes worth hundreds of dollars awaits in the Waynedale Shamrock Search, a community game. Participation is free and open to everyone, inviting participants from near and far to join in the fun.

This engaging game encourages the community to solve daily riddles from March 11-15, leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, guiding them to various local businesses. Each day offers fresh clues and destinations. Visiting the specified businesses and correctly solving the riddles will earn participants a shamrock (limit one per person). These shamrocks can then be exchanged at the Waynedale Library (2200 Lower Huntington Rd) for immediate small rewards and entries into a raffle for more substantial prizes from local sponsors. The more shamrocks collected, the greater the chance to win big prizes.

“We’re thrilled to offer another avenue for engaging with our wonderful community,” said the event organizers. They added, “With so many aspects of our community to take pride in, we’re excited to provide this fun way to explore Waynedale, highlight our fantastic local businesses, and offer great winning opportunities.”

The Waynedale Shamrock Search is a collaborative effort by local businesses and volunteers aimed at encouraging community exploration. Key sponsors include Copy Solutions, Hill’s Meat Market, Kingston Residence, Legacy Heating & Air Conditioning, Heartland Hospice, Partners 1st FCU, The Waynedale News, and Robinson Family Eyecare Clinic.

For businesses, volunteers, those wishing to help with future events, please reach out to Camille at (260) 206-3583 to get involved.
The clues are as follows:

Monday, March 11

  1. The first point of origin for your money.
  2. They serve signature treats upside down!
  3. Ask the expert in the red vest.
  4. You don’t have to be rich to have your car fixed here.

Tuesday, March 12

  1. This restaurant has one more arch than Micky D’s.
  2. Part of their name is the street this care facility resides on.
  3. Sew, it’s all about you.
  4. A history of keeping you hot & cold.

Wednesday, March 13

  1. Raise your hand for a healthy shake!
  2. The tavern that advertises the distance from the Allen County Courthouse.
  3. Began as Magnavox Federal Credit Union in 1952.
  4. Don’t skate through too fast, take your time and reminisce.

Thursday, March 14

  1. The rabbit is dressed for the occasion.
  2. Touch down for great java and baked goods.
  3. Live like royalty in your golden years at this residence.
  4. We are calling your bluff; you don’t have to run 26.2 miles.

Friday, March 15

  1. Where can you find commercial food appliances AND people to service them?
  2. Book it here to enjoy a fresh slice!
  3. Where you can enjoy eating tacos in your long underwear.
  4. Look for the diamond in the window to find treasure within.
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