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Keeping Pet Safety In Mind During The Holidays

Keeping every member of your family safe around electricity is a priority of Indiana’s electric cooperatives. That includes those furry members of the family — your cat, dog, hamster or other critter.

“Please spend a little time ‘pet-proofing’ your home this holiday season,” says Jon Elkins, vice president of safety, training and compliance at Indiana Electric Cooperatives. “It can avoid a real-life pet-related accident that can also endanger your whole family.”

Christmas trees and sparkling lights are as attractive to pets as they are to humans. A few precautions can help ensure your pet’s safety, too.

  • Make sure the electric wires for the tree lights are secured to the branches and not loosely looped. Cats are curious climbers that could become entangled in the loose cords that could burn or strangle the pet.
  • Protect the cord running from the tree to the outlet. Most hardware stores sell flexible electrical safety cables, covers and PVC conduit that can be used to protect it from curious pets. A pet deterrent spray can also discourage chewing or play.
  • For tabletop displays, consider battery-powered LED lights. They don’t have a power cord and the lights stay much cooler.
    If you suspect your pet has chewed on a power cord and been shocked, visit your veterinarian immediately. Electric shocks are life-threatening. A pet that has chewed on an electrical cord may have a white or seared area on its tongue or lips.
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