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Indiana Students Can Graduate College With Less Debt

Questa Education Foundation is pleased to announce the Traditional Scholars Program application is now open online. This forgivable loan program is designed for recent high school graduates (current high school seniors and college freshmen) who plan to attend an Indiana college or university in the fall of 2024.

Providing financial assistance to Northeast Indiana students who otherwise might not be able to pursue their degrees due to financial barriers, the Traditional Scholars Program offers a great financial aid option to students and families looking for a more affordable education. This program allows a student to borrow up to $5,000 per year, for a total of $20,000 if a student is pursuing a four-year degree. When students complete their degree and live and work in Northeast Indiana after graduation, their Questa loan can be up to 75% forgivable.

The Questa Scholars program offers low-interest forgivable loans for students pursuing a certificate, associate, or bachelor’s degree from an Indiana college or university. This program creates a unique opportunity for students to afford college, minimize their debt upon graduation, and give back to their local community. Questa funding is designed to encourage graduates to remain in Northeast Indiana to build our skilled workforce.

Questa will forgive 50% of the scholar’s loan when the scholar lives and works in Northeast Indiana for five years after graduation. Students who attend and graduate from one of Questa’s 12 regional partner schools will receive an additional 25% forgiveness at graduation. With up to 75% of their Questa loan forgiven, a scholar can focus on building their future with less debt and less stress.

Questa also provides specific funding opportunities to seniors graduating from Fort Wayne Community Schools who commit to working at Parkview Health after they graduate from Ivy Tech. The priority deadline for the Parkview Opportunity Scholars Program application is March 15, 2024, and is open to scholars who are pursuing various majors.

Students looking for additional financial aid opportunities can also browse Questa’s Scholarship Search Tool. There are hundreds of local scholarships ready to help fund your education at www.questafoundation.org/scholarship-database.

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