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Journey Through Christmas Past At The Old Fort

As the festive season approaches, the city of Fort Wayne is gearing up for an extraordinary event that promises to transport visitors back in time. “Christmas at the Old Fort – A Timeline Event,” scheduled for December 2, 2023, at The Old Fort on Spy Run Avenue, is more than just a celebration; it’s a living history experience.

Hosted by Historic Fort Wayne, Inc., a nonprofit organization committed to preserving the rich heritage of Fort Wayne, this unique event is set to offer attendees a glimpse into the Christmas celebrations of yesteryears, specifically focusing on periods of war in American history.

A Portal to the Past
Imagine walking through the gates of The Old Fort and finding yourself in the midst of Christmas as it was in 1812 in Fort Wayne or 1770 in Virginia. This event aims to recreate such scenarios, allowing visitors to engage with history in a way that is both educational and entertaining. Reenactors from these eras will share stories about how Christmas was observed during times of conflict, providing a rare insight into the lives of those who lived through these pivotal moments in history.

Celebrating Tradition and Craftsmanship
In addition to the historical reenactments, the event will showcase local artisans presenting traditional hand-crafted gift ideas. These crafts are not only a nod to the artisanal skills of the past but also offer unique gift options for the holiday season.

Festive Treats and Treasures
No Christmas event would be complete without treats and treasures, and “Christmas at the Old Fort” is no exception. Attendees can indulge in a variety of homemade baked goods, adding a sweet touch to the experience. The event also features a range of Old Fort-themed merchandise, perfect for those looking to take a piece of history home with them.

Immersive and Interactive
The real charm of the event lies in its ability to create an immersive and interactive atmosphere. The historic ambiance of The Old Fort, combined with the festive spirit, provides a perfect backdrop for families and history enthusiasts to explore and enjoy. It’s not just about observing; it is about participating and becoming a part of the historical tapestry that the event weaves.

A Community Effort
Admission to the event is free, with the option for free will donations. This gesture highlights the community-focused nature of the event and the organization behind it. Historic Fort Wayne, Inc., established in 2004, has been a stalwart in promoting the historical significance of Fort Wayne and its role in the development of the Northwest Territory, Indiana, and the United States during the 17th and 18th centuries. As a volunteer-driven organization, it relies heavily on community support and donations to continue its mission of education and preservation.

Stay Updated
For the latest information and any schedule changes, attendees are encouraged to visit the Historic Fort Wayne Facebook page at facebook.com/HistoricFortWayne.

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