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“Conversations With Color”

The Ruth Koomler Art Gallery in conjunction with the Art On Broadway gallery crawl on July 22nd is honored to be hosting a very special event… “Conversations With Color” held at the Ruth Koomler Art Gallery Saturday on July 22nd, from 5pm to 8pm. This event will showcase the recent works of artist Jovan V. Mrvos. These variations of the abstract depict Jovan’s latest phase of his life’s journey through the world of creativity and are available for the established and the up-and-coming art collector…or any art lover!

Born in a Displaced Persons camp in Germany after WWII to Yugoslav parents, Jovan emigrated to the US with his family in 1952, settling in Chicago. During the late 60s he was involved in counterculture politics and was part of an underground collective responsible for “The Chicago Seed” newspaper. His subsequent introduction to underground radio led him to work in Chicago radio for almost 10 years.

In 1984, Jovan relocated to New York. There he established himself as an Artist & Repertoire executive supervising the production of over 200 records for major recording labels including Columbia Records and Atlantic Records.

In 2003, he met his wife Laurie (Gerber), and they married in 2006. They moved to Laurie’s childhood home…Decatur IN…in 2012 where they continue to live and share studio space. Once in Indiana, Jovan began teaching English at Bellmont High School and then became Director of the alternative high school (ACCES). He also built an FCC licensed low-power FM station where he teaches students about the radio industry.

Although Jovan’s exposure to painting began at an early age (he spent many hours studying and learning at The Art Institute of Chicago), he didn’t begin painting seriously until 2018. Now he dedicates his creative energies to painting…expressing in color his life experiences.

“Color defines the forms, shapes, textures, and narrative of my work. Sometimes the conversation is quiet, other times, it gets loud. But…there is always a story,” states Jovan.

Ruth Koomler is an award-winning abstract artist living near Fort Wayne who has exhibited/sold her work at art festivals, galleries and museums. Ruth opened her gallery in May 2022 where she shows her own work as well as the work of over 30 local/regional artists. Her mission is to provide a professional space for artists to show and sell their work while enhancing the community and the lives of so many.

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