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Cache In, Trash out

A group of local geocachers teamed up with Little River Wetlands Project (LRWP) recently for a spring CITO – Cache in, Trash out – event. The enthusiastic group tackled the trash along Smith Road, across the road from the LRWP office and adjacent to the Eagle Marsh East property.

Geocaching, often described as a high-tech treasure-hunt game, is popular in the area and across the world. The Fort Wayne metro area has over 750 hidden caches with over 100 in the southwest area. Players hide a container, or cache, in outdoor locations such as bridges, poles, parks and public spaces. There is a log sheet inside. The GPS coordinates are then registered on- line with geocaching headquarters so other players can search for the cache and sign the log sheet (proof of the find). The find is also entered on-line. The app keeps track of the number of caches that a player finds, as well as other statistics which elevate the game.

CITO is not just a bi-yearly event for geocachers, but also an attitude toward the natural environment. “Caches are hidden all over. Players are encouraged to always cache in, trash out. Caring for the environment is a part of the game!” said event organizer, Greta Ivanovic. LRWP coordinator, Maraiah Russell was happy to coordinate with the group for the May 13 event. “Our grassroots organization relies on community partners like geocachers to help preserve and protect our wetlands. We are so grateful they chose to volunteer with us.”

Republic Services also helped by providing a vehicle and staff for trash disposal. They are regular partners for LRWP clean up days and reported 80 pounds were picked up at the CITO event.

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