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First Annual Gregory L. Manifold Food Pantry Fundraiser

After retiring the northeast Indiana AIDS Walk event, the Positive Resource Connection (PRC) is moving their springtime fundraising focus to the Gregory L. Manifold Food Pantry. The agency’s in-house client pantry provides a variety of nutritional foods, toiletries and other essential household items for people living with HIV. More than 150 referred clients access the food pantry with over half using it every month.

Due to government funding cutbacks post-pandemic, the Gregory L. Manifold Food Pantry is now solely reliant on business and individual donations. With a significant increase in clients using the food pantry every month, keeping it well-stocked will require over $37,000 annually.

During the entire month of April, the PRC is hosting its first annual Gregory L. Manifold Food Pantry Fundraising Campaign. The campaign’s fundraising focus is helping to contribute to the agency’s annual $37,000 goal need to keep the pantry well-stocked for their clients.

It’s also a way for donors to directly benefit people living with HIV in their community. Jeff Markley, Executive Director, says, “I think most of our clients would tell you that a campaign like this is one way that they can feel loved and supported by members of the community.” The campaign page shows the specific items donors can purchase to refill the pantry’s supply, such as Ensure nutritional shakes, soap, toothpaste and frozen chicken and beef.

Look for more details and ways to donate on the campaign page; on the PRC Facebook page; or donate online now at positiveresourceconnection.org!

The mission of the Northeast Indiana Positive Resource Connection, Inc. is to prevent new cases of HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis, and STDs and advance a compassionate and stigma-free community response.

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