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Students Try Career Pathway Center

Fort Wayne Community Schools is once again opening doors to help students discover their passions and possible career pathways. In March, students from Memorial Park Middle School and Towles New Tech Middle School will start attending the Jim Kelley Career Pathway Center, 2439 Fairfield Ave., for hands-on learning lab experiences and skills training.

(l-r) Tom Kelley, Chuck Surack, Joe Jordan cut the ribbon on the new center in February.

During the initial program launch, students will take part in two of the five experiences at the Center. Students will begin with information technology and advanced manufacturing, and, in the future, students will experience health sciences, automotive, and construction trades.

Students immersed in the labs will take part in real world experiences and learn about careers to help them understand what they need to accomplish in high school to be successful in a career after graduation.

In the information technology lab, students will program robots to race through an obstacle course, program another robot that has the potential to draw with a marker and also experience augmented reality. In the advanced manufacturing lab, students will use a virtual welding simulator to learn two types of welding used in the industry today. They will also create 3-D designs and make a fidget spinner on a 3-D printer.

The Jim Kelley Career Pathway Center operates through a collaborative effort between Fort Wayne Community Schools and the Boys & Girls Club of Fort Wayne.

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