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SE Fort Wayne Revitalization Continues With Pontiac Street Market

The City of Fort Wayne’s Community Development Division led a celebration ceremony to mark the beginning of construction on a full-service grocery store in southeast Fort Wayne at 918. E. Pontiac St. The City of Fort Wayne and Parkview Regional Medical Center and Affiliates joined together as community partners on this project.

The Pontiac Street Market will provide healthy, affordable food options in an area that’s currently defined as a food desert. The grocery store comes after being identified as a vital need through several community Southeast Strategy Update meetings.

The full-service market will provide:
• Fresh produce
• Meats
• Dairy
• Prepared foods
• Baked goods
• Sandwich counter
• Grocery pickup

“A grocery store with healthy and affordable food options has been a top priority of my administration. It’s encouraging to see how much progress we’ve made to bring meaningful quality of life opportunities to southeast Fort Wayne. We still have work to do, but we’re on the right track,” said Mayor Henry. “This public-private partnership with Parkview will enhance the well-being of residents and neighborhoods. Collectively, our community has an unwavering commitment to make a positive and lasting difference in the southeast quadrant.”

Community Development staff, in collaboration with the store operator, Sodexo, will be meeting with representatives from nearby and surrounding neighborhoods and other community organizations over the next couple of months to get input on the types of products and services the store should offer. Additionally, there will be an Advisory Committee made up of community representatives who will provide input and guidance to the grocery’s Board of Directors.

“Parkview understands that access to high-quality, healthy food is foundational for health,” said Sarah GiaQuinta, MD, MPH. “Supporting the City on this project allows Parkview to promote additional opportunities to increase access to nourishing food. By overcoming barriers to access and cultivating skills for preparing life-sustaining food, this partnership will help pave the way to a healthier community.”

The Pontiac Street Market received approvals from the Redevelopment Commission and City Council to invest $3.4 million on the upfront construction costs. The funding includes $2 million in federal funds, $700,000 from Local Income Tax (LIT), and $700,000 from the Redevelopment Capital Fund. The Capital Fund and LIT funds will be reimbursed by Parkview over a 5-year period. Parkview will also provide the upfront operating capital, which will ensure that the grocery remains fully stocked and staffed. The grocery will be operated by Parkview’s food service provider, Sodexo.

The Redevelopment Commission will manage construction through Hagerman Group, which was selected through a competitive RFP process. Hagerman Group will be donating a portion of their construction services in support of this project.

Grand opening of the Pontiac Street Market is expected this fall.

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