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Citilink Releases Online Survey

Keeping up with the rapidly changing transit bus market, CITILINK recently revised its corporate strategy to focus on providing community value through sustainable transportation options. This strategy includes gathering the community’s thoughts and concerns on using low- and zero-emission bus (ZEB) technologies such as battery electric, compressed natural gas, and hydrogen fuel cells.

The transportation sector is America’s most significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Fort Wayne Citilink is working with STV to conduct an impartial analysis of low-and zero-emission bus propulsion technologies to identify available alternatives, the costs, benefits, risks, and timelines, to assess existing infrastructure and identify needs and capabilities for various powering/fueling options, and to develop an achievable transition plan according to the requirements of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

To gather feedback from the community, Fort Wayne Citilink is conducting an online survey. Community members and stakeholders can participate in this survey by following this link: forms.gle/mcCHFkAnQvtLNr9WA

To incorporate community feedback into the study, CITILINK is asking for all responses to be submitted by March 20, 2023.

Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation (CITILINK) was established in 1968 to provide public transportation services within the second-largest city in Indiana. CITILINK operates Fixed Route, Deviated Fixed Route, and ADA Complementary Paratransit service using a fleet of 65 buses. CITILINK’s General Manager/CEO, Mr. Metzinger, has revised its corporate strategy with plans to deliver improved public transportation when funding sources are identified and better value to the community. The Board of Directors has given the agency five outcomes to achieve in the following priority order: 1) Organization Capacity, 2) Employees are Valued, 3) Customer Experience, 4) Community Value, and 5). Financial Sustainability.

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