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ACPL Helps Families Share Their Story With Future Generations

The Allen County Public Library’s Genealogy Center is partnering with the ACPL Children’s Services department to present “Pass the Story Down: The Power of Pictures”, a multi-generational event aimed at sharing family photos, creating art, and passing family stories down to younger generations.

“Every day in the Genealogy Center, we see our patrons light up when they learn more about their ancestors and their family history,” said Director of Special Collections Curt Witcher. “This experience is not just reserved for adults. Our youngest patrons can benefit from the discovery and learning that happens when you know the story of where you come from.”

According to a 2010 study from Emory University, young people who know their family history “show higher levels of emotional well-being, and also higher levels of identity achievement.”

“Children love stories and they are such sponges,” said Dawn Stoops, ACPL Children’s Department librarian. “They are never too young to learn about their ancestors and to share in that experience with their caregivers. It gives them a sense of history and connection to the past that goes beyond even the best books.”

The event includes family crafting, sharing family stories, and using technology to capture those stories for future generations. Participants are encouraged to bring family photos and a flash drive to use the Center’s VividPix scanner. The event is free and open to all ages.

What: Pass the Story Down
When: Saturday, March 18 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.
Where: Allen County Public Library (900 Library Plaza), Main Library Globe Room

Advance registration is available online, on the ACPL mobile app, or by calling any ACPL branch.

The Allen County Public Library (ACPL) has fostered lifelong learning and discovery in northeast Indiana for more than 125 years. The ACPL’s collection includes more than 2.7 million items, with a circulation total of 3.6 million items borrowed annually. It also houses The Genealogy Center, the nation’s largest public genealogy research center, and The Rolland Center for Lincoln Research, consisting of more than 20,000 artifacts related to President Abraham Lincoln.

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