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New Allen County Jail Update: Next Steps

At a Legislative Session on Wednesday, November 23, the Allen County Board of Commissioners received a presentation on the four sites they were evaluating.

After reviewing the analysis and objective scoring of the architect and engineering partners involved in the project, the Commissioners decided on a preferred site for a new county confinement facility. They directed the County Attorney to begin drafting a purchase agreement for the property, which is located at 2911 Meyer Road – a central location in the county formerly part of the International Harvester complex.

With the selection of a preferred site, what comes next? What steps – and when – will the County take to continue moving toward the development of a new jail?

The following steps outline a tentative timeline for the future:
● Current: Finish 2nd appraisal of the land and negotiate purchase agreement with property owner
● Mid-December: Request Allen County Council to sign-off on the purchase of land and appropriate the funds necessary for the purchase
● Mid-December: Issue an RFP for a construction manager as a contractor (“CMc”)
● Mid-January: Request Fort Wayne Board of Zoning Appeals to approve use of land as a confinement facility
● Mid-January: Select a Cmc
● Q1 2023: Close on land purchase (dependent on all of the above taking place)
● Q2 2023: Finalize design development of new facility
● Q3 2023: Development of construction documents
● Q4 2023: Request, review, and award public construction bids
● 2024: Site prep and start of construction
● Late 2026/early 2027: Construction complete

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