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Elevate Energy ~ Letter To The Editor

Falling in love with eating healthy is beyond difficult for most, as is finding quick and affordable fast-food options on a diet. What if I told you that in our small suburb there are healthy milkshakes that can help you feel and look better? Enters: Elevate Energy.

Located in the same general area as the home of the “ExtraMostBestest” pizza and some authentic tacos, Elevate Energy is run by Zakiya Tolbert, a woman who knows how to work through the noise. Over the loud blender preparing one of the seasonal shakes, Tolbert tells me about the strawberry shortcake shake and the mermaid bomb, two of the shop’s best sellers. The mermaid bomb, as well as all the others including Skittles, gummy worm, unicorn, and blood orange, contain a simple 25 – 45 calories, no sugar, and 155 – 310 mg. of caffeine.

The shakes, on the other hand, are considered meal replacers and they fill you up! Usually, eating one in the morning could get you through until supper, and even then, you won’t need to eat much. The pumpkin cheesecake (it’s on their limited time Hocus Pocus menu), peanut butter oatmeal, and turtle cheesecake are just some of the scrumptious shakes at Elevate Energy, which contain under 300 calories, 24 – 26 grams of protein, and 20+ vitamins and minerals. These healthy milkshakes are wonderful for trying to lose weight because they inspire you to eat less and savor more!

Now, my nut free friends, do not be mistaken: Elevate Energy is NOT nut free. I have never tried anything officially, but I go inside with Zakiya nearly every day to get my mom’s meal replacement for the day. The reviews of everyone who’s tried it have been splendid, and between that and Zee’s bubbly personality you cannot go wrong! This is why I was inspired to write about Elevate Energy, because without even trying it, I knew it was worth it.

Being open a year in Waynedale September 20th, Zakiya and her shakes, bombs, and teas have slowly crept their way into our Wayndalian hearts. Some of the additional health benefits of ordering from this shoppe are aids in digestion, most products are thermogenic (meaning they burn calories), and they are a great source of antioxidants.

Friends, so far on my review article writing we have been to Dunkin’ Donuts and all sorts of fast food with UberEats, now it’s time we start eating healthy while also enjoying some of our other favorite places. Please enjoy the picture of Zakiya and I and go give her a visit – her and the shoppe are worth it!

The Waynedale News Staff
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