Community Input Requested For Parks & Recreation

Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation will host a public meeting to gather input on allocating parks funding and recreational programming over a five-year time period to begin in 2023. This is an important step in the process of creating a comprehensive Master Plan for the city parks which will be used to guide future development and programming. The open house style meeting will be available from 5:00-8:00 p.m., on Wednesday, October 26. The public is welcome to join anytime within those hours. It will be held at the Community Center located at 233 West Main Street. Off-street parking is accessible via West Berry Street. Activities are planned to help gather input. It is estimated that participation will take about 20 minutes, but all are welcome to stay longer to interact with the Planning Team.

Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Deputy Director of Planning and Development Alec Johnson observes, “Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation has a long history of being pro-active in short and long term park planning. We know that park planning can help to ensure that our recreational spaces meet the needs of our community. An important component of that planning is hearing from park users about what is important to them.”

The public is invited to relay experiences and share dreams for the future regarding how Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation can continue to provide leisure opportunities and stewardship of our parks. Those who cannot attend the public meetings are encouraged to complete an online survey

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