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Redemption House Ministries Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Redemption House Ministries celebrated its 10th Anniversary on August 6 at Lutheran Park. The Celebration was open to the public, as well as anyone who has been touched by Redemption House and its mission.

Redemption House Executive Director Tomi Cardin provided details about the exciting growth on the horizon for the organization, as well reflected on the past 10 years, and a representative from Mayor Henry’s office also provided an official Mayoral Proclamation to commemorate the occasion. Redemption House graduates had an opportunity to share their stories.

The event featured free lunch provided by State Bank, cake provided by Bear & Beak Bakery, and ice cream provided by Prairie Farms. Musical entertainment was provided by Craig Young, Brent Cooper, Jake Huston, and Aaron Yoder. Guests also enjoy a splash pad, activities for children, and more. Tours of Redemption House’s newest Alumni Home, located near Lutheran Park, was available to give attendees an inside look at the programs available to our program graduates.

“As we approached our 10th anniversary at Redemption House, I found myself reflecting on how far we’ve come. Over the last 10 years we have had the privilege of housing, serving, and ministering to hundreds of women and their families. We have formed incredible partnerships with churches and other nonprofits and organizations that have become vital to our success. I remain humbled that I continue to have the privilege of leading this amazing ministry. Having a front row seat to witness the awe-inspiring work of the Lord in our women’s lives is the fuel that keeps us pressing on,” said Cardin.

Celebration Sponsors: The Lutheran Foundation, State Bank, Old National Bank, Polar King, Bear & Beak Bakery, Prairie Farms, Sweetwater

Redemption House is network of transition homes for women who desire to redeem their lives from past destructive behaviors by developing a faith-based lifestyle and gaining the skills necessary to achieve and maintain success. We serve as an alternative to incarceration. The women are ordered to complete our 6-month program. During that time, they are subject a variety of life-skills and faith-based programming.

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