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$1,000 Grant A Day Through 2023

The James Foundation announces a special grant program for 2023. It will be awarding 365 grants of $1,000 each throughout 2023. The Foundation will announce a grant award winner each day on social media.

“When writing our mission statement, we were intentional on choosing being a “catalyst to change,” said Kendra Klink, Executive Director of The James Foundation. “The Foundation wants to be the spark that ignites transformation in our community, and we are hoping others might join us in supporting these organizations.” The Foundation is excited every day with the work being done in the region to support friends and neighbors. It wants to share with others what organizations exist, what they are doing, and how others might get involved with them through donations of time, talent, and treasure.

A special application will be available beginning today and close November 1, 2022. Any nonprofit organization is encouraged to apply – those who have received in the past, with an open grant, and organizations never funded – there are no geographical boundaries or limited types of projects. The James Foundation wants to hear about all of the fantastic programs and change-making happening in our neighborhoods, communities, region, and state.

“We have been working hard to develop trust in our community and with our grant partners,” said Vicki James, President of The James Foundation. “We hope that other funders, corporations, and individuals will join us in giving to organizations that match their missions throughout the coming year.” This fun and special program will be in addition to all of the Foundation’s normal granted and pledged gifts.

The James Foundation is excited to dig into all of the applications. Questions can be directed to Kendra Klink at kklink@thejamesfoundation.org

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