Tour Six Exceptional Native Plant Gardens With INPS

To highlight the beauty and ecological contributions of natives, the Northeast Chapter of the Indiana Native Plant Society will host a garden tour in the Woodhurst neighborhood on Fort Wayne’s south side from 9 to noon on Saturday morning, July 30. Free and open to the public, the tour will include six gardens, both residential and public, featuring native plants in various settings.

The tour is the Chapter’s way of showing area homeowners how beautiful native plant gardens can be when thoughtfully designed and installed. You’ll come away with lots of ideas for specific native plants to include in your own landscaping.

The tour features six unique gardens, all within a mile of each other. One of the featured gardens is located behind the Unitarian Universalist church, another outside the Achduth Vesholom temple, and one “pocket garden” is located in a median strip on a boulevard. Three residential gardens are also included, one outside a historic Lustron kit home.

You’ll start at a welcome station near the south entrance to the Congregation Achduth Vesholom temple, where you can pick up a map of the six locations. You can then walk or ride to the individual gardens at your own pace and in any order you prefer. This would be a great event to invite a few friends to join you! More info can be found on

Sponsors of the garden tour include INPS member businesses J. Lynne Associates; Laura Stine Gardens; Sanctuary Native Landscapes; Riverview Native Nursery; Blue Fox Farms, LLC; and Strand Nursery.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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