Porsche J. Williams (D) – Wayne Township Trustee

My name is Porsche J. Williams and I am excited to be a Democratic candidate for Wayne Township Trustee in the May 3 primary election. I am a native of Fort Wayne, a mother of two sons, a graduate of Indiana Tech with a B.A. in Business Management, and an experienced servant leader with 15 years of Township experience. I am constantly inspired by these powerful words spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”

I have a clear passion to be a servant leader dedicated to uplifting my community. I am currently in my 15th year of Township service. I served the Wayne Township from 2007-2020 and ended my tenure as the Director of Intake and Investigation. I began my tenure with Adams Township in 2020 as the Township Supervisor, where I am currently able to serve the diverse needs of the Adams Township community. I have a proven ability of establishing rapport with clients and staff, utilizing my extensive knowledge and background with current Township standards to consistently improve client satisfaction with expert resolution.

I have over a decade and a half of experience training staff to provide critical assistance to those needing support. I have experience working with individuals at the most difficult times in their lives. Whether it’s planning a memorial for a family member, preventing evictions, assisting community partners with providing food to families, or making the correct connections to provide medical assistance, I have consistently been a leader dedicated to serving with kindness and compassion.

I know the many challenges that come with serving our diverse community such as lack of affordable housing, the constant increase in utility costs, food deserts/swamps, transportation, lack of education, and much more. This is the reason I have developed and maintained strong relationships with other community agencies and organizations. I want to give Wayne Township residents the opportunity to allow my 15 years of township experience to work for them and empower individuals to gain strength from their life experiences and collaboratively create powerful outcomes.

I want to see my fellow citizens flourish, thrive, and reach their full potential by rising above the barriers that poverty can create. I hope you give me an opportunity to serve you and the entire Wayne Township community, so please vote for Porsche Williams for Wayne Township Trustee on May 3rd.

Right Time. Right Choice. Right Now.

Publisher’s Note: In the interest of public education of local politics and to encourage voting, The Waynedale News offered all of the candidates in the upcoming primary election the opportunity to share their biography and goals for the office that they are running for. This came with the stipulations that they were not allowed to degrade other candidates or current policy, and they were required a minimum advertising budget for The Waynedale News area. Staying true to our non-bias news and positive outlook, we do not endorse or recommend any of the candidates on this page further than any other candidates running for office. But, these are the candidates wanting to be seen by you. Our recommendation is to use these pages as a reference when researching candidates for the upcoming primary election, make educated decisions on who you would like to see in office and most importantly VOTE on May 3 at your predestinated voting location. More information: www.allencountyinvoters.gov

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Porsche J. Williams

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