Local Author Publishes New Book On Women Of World War II

Indiana author, Kayleen Reusser, has just completed the first book in her World War II series focused solely on women in the military, where she shares stories of spunk and determination along with a little romance during World War II. The release of the new book, titled Born to be Solders, Those Plucky Women of World War II, will be out the end of February and brings a different perspective to the traditional World War II stories traditionally heard or read over the years. “After writing nine books which mostly featured men, I thought it was time to give the women their due in a single book,” she said.

Women of World War II: Born to be Soldiers, Those Plucky Women of World War II is a compilation of stories from 13 women, one of whom was an Army nurse and is still alive at 100 years old, who served in the military during the war. The women, several of whom are from the Fort Wayne area, served in the following military branches: Army, Army Air Corp, Coast Guard and the Navy. Many of these branches were formed during the war to enable women to serve. The stories give a glimpse into a segment of World War II rarely heard about and gives us a glimpse in history of a unique group of women. “These women are inspirational at a time when we need good role models of sacrificial living, patriotism, hard work ethic and belief in oneself,” she said.

Reusser will be speaking on ‘Women of World War II’ as part of the George Mather Lecture Series on Sunday, March 6, at 2:00 p.m. at the Fort Wayne History Center, 302 E. Berry, Fort Wayne. The public is invited to the free event. Many of Reusser’s books about World War II will be available for purchase. This book’s release date on Amazon was February 14, 2022. Reusser’s other books are available on Amazon.

Reusser is available for speaking events on World War II, both in person and virtually. To learn more about these presentations, and/or to book Reusser for a speaking event, visit her website at www.KayleenReusser.com.

Reusser’s next writing project will veer from her World War II stories a new war, that of interviews with Vietnam veterans later this year.

In addition to writing the Witnesses of War, World War II Insider, World War II Legacies books, Reusser has authored 16 nonfiction children’s books for middle-grade students. She has served as a freelance writer for various publications.

Reusser is a client of the Northeast ISBDC, receiving marketing-related assistance. For more information, contact her at kjreusser@adamswells.com, or visit her website, www.KayleenReusser.com. To learn more about the services of the Northeast ISBDC, visit www.isbdc.org or call 260-481-0500.

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