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The Health Insurance Marketplace is now open and will be open until January 15, 2022. This is great news for anyone in need of high quality, comprehensive health insurance. In fact, recent changes made the Marketplace an even better value for uninsured Hoosiers and the majority will qualify for a low cost or free plan. For those who have not shopped the Marketplace recently or who have never looked before, now is the best time ever to check it out.

Key considerations for Hoosiers looking into a Marketplace plan:
• Worried about the cost? Marketplace insurance plans have been made even more affordable.
• Think you don’t qualify? Anyone can apply and everyone can benefit from new cost reductions.
• Need insurance now? Coverage starts on the first day of the following month after applying.
• Unemployed or on a limited income? More Hoosiers qualify for a free plan than ever before.
• Already have a Marketplace plan? A plan that costs less may now be available.

Even with efforts to make the Marketplace user-friendly, Hoosiers that have not shopped for insurance before or just want to make sure they make the right choice may have questions. Covering Kids & Families of Brightpoint is the local resource for getting the health insurance coverage that fits the need of each individual or family. Our certified health insurance Navigators share options and assist with enrollment every step of the way at no cost to the consumer.

Although the best option for some is a Marketplace plan, others may be eligible for programs like Medicaid, the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Covering Kids & Families (CKF) Navigators provide guidance and support on all these options, including help with signing up. And despite our name, all Hoosiers can use our service, including families, children and single adults.

Appointments with CKF of Brightpoint are easy to make. Anyone interested in our services can visit us at or call 1-800-589-3506 and select Option 2 to get started on their path to coverage.

For those not needing coverage but who are interested in learning more about Covering Kids & Families and supporting our efforts, please contact Brightpoint CKF Manager Amanda Chappell at 260-423-3546, ext. 333.

Covering Kids & Families of Brightpoint receives support in order to help Hoosiers get, use, and keep healthcare coverage. Covering Kids and Families of Indiana matches every local dollar that is donated to the program.

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