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Solar United Neighbors announced that they will host a free webinar specifically designed to educate local residents about the benefits of going solar as part of a local co-op launched earlier this year and taking advantage of the state’s current net metering policy, which will expire next summer without legislative action. 

Learn about solar energy and its benefits for your home, or small business. We’ll take you through the technology, economics, financing, and more. Tuesday, September 14, 2021; 7 p.m. ET Learn more and register: coops.solarunitedneighbors.org/coops/fort-wayne-solar-and-ev-charger-co-op/events/ 
Net metering allows solar owners to receive a credit on their electric bill for the electricity they send back to the grid at the same rate that they purchase electricity from their utility—an even swap. Despite several proposals this legislative session that would have extended net metering, under current law, the mechanism will no longer be available to new solar owners starting next year.

The co-op is free to join and open to homeowners and business owners in and around Fort Wayne. Together, co-op members will learn about solar energy and leverage their numbers to purchase individual solar systems at a competitive price and top quality. Residents can sign up for the co-op for free; there is no requirement that they go solar. 

After a competitive bidding process facilitated by SUN, which remains vendor neutral, co-op members will select a single solar company to complete the installations. Joining the co-op does not obligate members to purchase solar. Instead, members will have the option to individually purchase panels and electric vehicle chargers based on the installer’s group rate. 

The solar co-op is made possible by funding from the Leon Lowenstein Foundation, which supports a wide range of projects nationwide in issue areas including education, health and the environment with a particular interest in innovation and bringing ideas to scale.

Solar United Neighbors is a nonprofit organization that works in Indiana and nationwide to represent the needs and interests of solar owners and supporters. Solar co-ops are part of the organization’s mission to create a new energy system with rooftop solar at the cornerstone. Solar United Neighbors holds events and education programs to help people become informed solar consumers, maximize the value of their solar investment, and advocate for fair solar policies.

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