As summer rolls on, your garden may be looking a bit tired from the heat. By giving your garden some extra TLC, it will continue to be abundant into the fall. Here are a few to-do’s to accomplish this August.

Perennials and Annuals:
To Do: There are plenty of fall-loving bloomers to continue the color late into the fall! For perennials try Aster, Goldenrod, and Sedum. Perfect for fall annuals include celosia, flowering kale, dianthus, and pansies.

To Do: Deadheading is an important task that will result in a healthier plant and more blooms in the spring. Save the blooms from your zinnias and marigolds when you are deadheading so that you can use the seeds for next year’s bounty!

To Do: Start planning your spring garden. Spring-blooming bulbs, such as tulips and daffodils should be planted in September or October once the soil temperatures have cooled.

Don’t Do: Don’t stop feeding your annual flowers. The fertilizer will help them continue to bloom into the fall!
Trees and shrubs:

To Do: Get any last-minute pruning done now. If you prune too late into the fall it could lead to frost damage to tender, new growth.

Don’t Do: Don’t fertilize your trees or shrubs in August. Doing so could stimulate new growth at a time when they are beginning to enter their dormancy phase.

To Do: Enjoy the bounty of your garden! The peppers are ripening to their fullest flavor, making them perfect for the grill. Zucchini is in abundance and can be used in multiple summer dishes. Tomato and cucumbers make a refreshing addition to a summer salad mix. What are you harvesting from your garden right now?

To Do: Plant a second run of vegetables. Try planting your cool-weather crops like swiss chard, spinach, kale, radish, lettuce, and more.

Don’t Do: Don’t pick your peppers too early! Peppers that are prematurely pulled from the vine can suffer from fungal disease.

If you need help with any items on your checklist, head to your local garden center. McNamara Florist can help you with all your fall planting needs. We hope you enjoy all that the late summer garden has to offer!

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