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Loren Allison likes to think his affection for labor law comes from his hard-working parents.

The counsel for the Waynedale Business Chamber is an attorney who has been practicing several forms of business law in different parts of the country for more than 30 years.

Allison grew up in Waynedale, attending Elmhurst High School, graduating in 1972. After that, he went to Indiana University, where he received an undergraduate degree in history. He then enrolled in the University of Dayton for law school, earning his J.D. degree in 1979.

His career began as corporate counsel for Essex Wire. Later, he served at National Gypsum Company in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he was responsible for that firm’s national business and employment relations, stretching from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to San Francisco, California.

He also labored in a few private law firms, including Rothberg and Logan; Gallluci Hopkins, and Thiesen; as well as serving as attorney for several other corporations, including Bentz Metal Products, Gold Bond Building Products Division, and United Technologies, Essex Group.

And in 1996, he even authored a book titled “Employee Selection: A Legal Prospective.” He also has written numerous magazine articles on labor law that have appeared in publications ranging from the Labor Law Journal to the Fort Wayne Newspapers.

In addition, he serves in groups and associations throughout the area, including the YMCA Executive Committee, the Indiana State Bar Association’s Racial Diversity in the Legal Profession Committee, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce, the local Better Business Bureau, and the Indiana State Bar Association’s Lawyers’ Assistance Committee, and – of course – the Waynedale Business Chamber, serving as that group’s attorney for the last five years.

“While in corporate and private practice,” Allison noted, “I like to think I excel in communications, responsiveness, and the ability to break down ‘legalese’ in an understandable form and practical fashion.”

Allison said he mostly attributes his affinity for labor law to his nose-to-the-grindstone parents, both of whom worked difficult jobs to keep his family afloat.

His father was the boiler-room operator at Falstaff brewery in Fort Wayne, while his mother picked up shifts as a waitress at Dale’s Drive-In, he said. “My dad was a blue-collar worker,” Allison said, “and I guess I just thought I was well-suited to work with labor.”

He noted that helping companies – and people – navigate the complex world of labor law is satisfying because many don’t have the first clue about the complicated legal intricacies of workplace law.

“There’s a lot of companies out there who are pretty clueless when it comes to this kind of stuff – a lot of people, too.

“And I like to help them out.”

Currently, Allison labors from his house on the city’s south side, working out of his home office. “I can get 80 percent of my work done here, behind the computer,” he noted.

One of the perks of working at home, he said, is being able to spend more time with his dog, Mona.

Allison enjoys showing off pictures of the four-year-old pit bull, who likes to keep him company in his home office. He said those photos never fail to bring a smile to folks’ faces, and warms them up to Allison, as well.

Still, for Allison, age 67, despite all his varying jobs and experience, it all remains rather simple for him.

“I’m your workplace attorney,” said Allison proudly, summing up his practice succinctly.

This article is sponsored by Loren Allison – Attorney at Law. Loren possesses over 30 years of progressively responsible experience as a corporate and “big law firm” attorney who took his skills and formed a solo practice. Responsive and cost effective, Loren practices in whistleblower, business, employment and labor law. You can contact Loren Allison by calling 260-466-5205 or by email at info@lkallison.com. You can also learn more by visiting his website at lkallison.com

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