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A local author, and former owner of the Waynedale News, is releasing his first book on the market.

Robert Stark’s new volume, called Blueprint for a Time Machine, already is available on Amazon.com.

The manuscript follows lead character, Jason Strider, as he navigates the complexities of “time travel,” according to Stark.

The author describes his book as a world where “time travel is not only possible, but can be taught to all those who have the desire to learn. The reader simply needs to follow the four simple rules that are laid out in the book. The readers are already on a time journey,” Stark notes, “they only need to knock down the barriers that they have around themselves.”

Stark grew up in Waynedale in the 1950s as the fifth of seven children. After graduating high school, he went to work in different factories around Fort Wayne, including IHC Scout Plant, Dana Corporation, and Phelps Dodge.

After 13 years of factory work, he enrolled at what was then Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne, graduating with a BS degree in engineering. He and his wife then moved to Wyoming, where they both studied anthropology and geology under the renowned professor, Charles Love.

While living out west, Stark also worked on one of the first wet scrubbers built onto a coal power plant. Scrubbers are devices that help reduce greenhouse emissions from plants such as the coal-fired 2,000-megawatt turbine-generator Jim Bridger power plant where Stark was employed.
After a few years in Wyoming, Stark returned to Fort Wayne and began a new venture with his two brothers, Jim and John. The trio founded an oil-analysis laboratory named Blackstone Labs.

In 2000, Stark bought the Waynedale News. He then sold the Waynedale News in 2010 to current editor and publisher, Alex Cornwell.

Stark said he actually started writing his book nearly 20 years ago, but never had enough time to actually finish it until he retired about 10 years ago. “I just thought, I better finish it now if I’m ever going to,” he said.

Stark also recently completed a volume based on the writings of his sister, Jude Stark Cline, who worked for years as a reporter herself. That book, titled “Louisville Street Nurse,” chronicles the writings of Stark’s sister over the years. She passed away seven years ago, Stark said.

For more information about Blueprint for a Time Machine, go to www.amazon.com/dp/B08W26167B/

The volume costs $17.95 for a paperback version, $32.95 for a hardcover, and $4.99 for a Kindle e-reader edition.

The book is currently number 69 on the Kindle Best-Seller List in the Physics of Time category.

Stark, age 74, said he just hopes his work will help people realize their potential in connecting with the past.

“My last chapter explains how people can go back to the past,” Stark said. “It does work.”

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