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Turnstone is proud to hand off its legacy ramp building service to local partner NeighborLink Fort Wayne. Since the inception of the original program in 1989, tens of hundreds of residents were assisted in adapting their homes to support ramp entrance and in recent years this was accomplished in direct partnership with NeighborLink Fort Wayne.

“We consider it a privilege to be entrusted by Turnstone to build on such a foundational program that is essential to increasing the independence and mobility of those in our community that rely on a wheelchair ramp to navigate life,” said Andrew Hoffman, Neighborlink Executive Director. “Not only did we take over this program, we inherited some incredible volunteers who have grown this program’s impact. NeighborLink volunteers have completed over 300 new ramp builds, repairs, and maintenance projects since the beginning of 2017. The ramp program fits naturally into our organization and helps us create meaningful connections between neighbors, which strengthens neighborhoods.”

“Turnstone is grateful for the many volunteers, donors, and partners who made the ramp program a huge success for our community,” said Mike Mushett, Turnstone CEO. “We know that residents will continue to benefit from this service with NeighborLink’s management and volunteer base.”

The ramp program utilizes dedicated volunteers to construct wheelchair access ramps at the homes of people with disabilities. Over the course of three decades, more than 1,200 residential ramps have been built for people with disabilities living in Allen County.

The Waynedale News Staff

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