Each year on November 15th, the Allen County Department of Environmental Management (ACDEM) celebrates America Recycles Day. While recycling is an activity that all residents can take part in 365 days a year, ACDEM is choosing to highlight a different type of recycling on this special day – household battery recycling!

ACDEM unveiled their “Stop the Spark” campaign, which focuses on proper recycling of household batteries. Often found in remote controls, smoke detectors, watches, power tools, and more, batteries contain many different elements, some of which can be harmful to the environment if they are simply tossed in the trash. Instead, they should be recycled through specialized battery recycling programs, like the one offered to Allen County residents through ACDEM!

Residents can recycle up to 5 pounds of batteries per month at no cost by visiting a Tox-Away Tuesday event, Connolly’s Do-It-Best Hardware Store, or Batteries Plus Bulbs location. To make the process even easier, ACDEM is offering free battery recycling containers which can be picked up at any of our battery recycling locations! These containers were made possible by a grant from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

Even when batteries are “dead”, they can contain enough charge to spark, creating a fire risk. In order to “Stop the Spark”, residents are asked to place a small amount of clear tape over both ends of alkaline, lithium, or rechargeable batteries that are destined for recycling. Once taped, batteries are safe to be stored in your container until it is filled, then brought to one of our locations for recycling. Your empty container will be returned to you for future recycling! Containers will be available while supplies last. Container pickup is limited to one per household. Visit or call 260-449-4433 for more information.

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