Advancing a series of ongoing charities and a campaign to expand Sikh identity in American communities, Indiana Sikh Outreach Mission of Fort Wayne, in anticipation of the coming winter season, recently provided warm clothing to Homeless and needy Brothers and Sisters in community as Sikh faith is standing on three pillars (Earn honestly, Share with Needy and Meditate upon God).

At the beginning of a ceremony, after a prayer, Mahinder Singh Chera, Karnail Singh and members of the mission released a pamphlet on the spread of Sikh identity which was distributed to the American citizens present there!

On this occasion Indiana Sikh Outreach Mission distributed warm jackets to more than 60 needy men and women and set up a pizza lunch which was eaten by about 100 men, women and children!

The function was held in the downtown area of Fort Wayne city with Harjinder Singh and Manmohan Singh’s father, Jasbir Singh, active members of the mission, along with prominent businessmen of the Punjabi community Resham Singh, Mahinder Singh Chera, Karnail Singh, Harjit Singh Bola, Joga Singh, Raja Singh, Hardeep Singh and Rajveer Singh, as well as Pastor Ken Dearing.

Finally, Mission Coordinator, Jassi Jasvir Singh, addressed the gathering, thanked the Karnail Singh for supporting the mission with $700 and welcomed and thanked the guests and members.

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