Amid a global pandemic, we urge you to find peace in your garden. With panic-buying in full force, sometimes it’s difficult to find the basic foods we want or some of us are avoiding going to the grocery stores all together. All of this has led to more interest in gardening, something at McNamara Florist, we know a lot about!

Whether you are gardening in a backyard plot or in containers, here are four reasons to consider growing your own food this summer.

How We Grocery Shop Is Changing
Grocery shopping looks a lot different than it did 10 weeks ago. We’re not completely sure what the lasting effects of COVID-19 will be on the grocery industry, but we do know things have changed. One of the benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables is that you know exactly how the food is grown and who has handled it. You will certainly have more confidence that you’re feeding your family clean produce.

Spend Your Free Time Gardening
As events and summer activities continue to get postponed or cancelled, we are all spending a lot more time at home. Gardening can provide relief to stay-at-home boredom and anxiety. The best part is that your efforts will result in real food you can eat!
Gardening Can Boost Your Mood
It’s true, there are emotional benefits to getting your hands dirty! Spending time in your garden, or nature in general, can improve your mood, reduce stress, and lower blood pressure. As we struggle with feelings related to COVID-19, now is a great time to get planting!

Grow Food for Neighbors and Friends
It’s truly amazing how many tomatoes can come from a single plant. Did you know that one zucchini plant can produce six to 10 pounds of zucchini over the course of it’s growing season? So if you’re dreaming of a big garden, you’ll likely have extras from your harvest to share with neighbors and friends.

Gardening is hard work, but there is something extra satisfying about growing your own produce. Head to your local garden center to grab plants and seeds to start your dream garden today!

This article is sponsored by McNamara at Sand Point, which has 2 acres of production greenhouses, retail florist and gift shop, as well as retail garden center and wholesale plant business. Contact McNamara by calling 260-747-4131 or visit 4322 DeForest Ave, Ft. Wayne, IN 46809.

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