Neighborhood children connect during the Virtual Easter Egg Hunt hosted by Winterset Association. (l-r) Jacob Ziegler, Sam Ziegler, Chloe F, and Maddy Ziegler.

Over Easter weekend (Sat. 4/11 and 4/12), parents and children of Winterset Addition off Winchester Road scoured the neighborhood in search of Easter Eggs hung in the windows of homes.

Winterset Board President Gary Brennan stated “A board member suggested the hunt as a way to help the children of the association enjoy an Easter ritual in a new and fun way given the social distancing we are observing.”

Residents were invited to create eggs out of cardboard, poster board, whatever they had around the house, decorate and hang them in a prominent place on their home, visible from the sidewalk. The children then walked the neighborhood, counted how many eggs they found and emailed a board member who will in turn mail them a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza gift certificate. Given the weather forecast those days, some did their searching from the inside of a dry vehicle. A resident from Winterset shared, “We had a lovely time on our walk and enjoyed seeing our neighbors and counting all of the eggs!”

There were a total of 61 homes that participated by displaying their decorated eggs and 25 children from 13 homes who hunted for the eggs. Participants mailed in numbers ranging from 121-351 eggs! Very much a success for the Winterset residents.

The Association also hosts an Annual July Fourth Parade each year when children patriotically decorate their bikes, trikes and wagons, and walk down a central street in the neighborhood. The event ends with fresh donuts and an opportunity to explore a fire truck provided by the Waynedale Fire Department.

The Waynedale News Staff

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