Private landowners are invited to attend upcoming native grassland and pollinator habitat workshops offered this summer and fall.

Each workshop will be led by DNR Grasslands for Gamebirds and Songbirds (GGS) biologists. During the workshops, landowners will learn about the GGS initiative, how to create native grassland and pollinator habitat on their land, and the financial assistance available to them for habitat development.

Several grassland wildlife species in Indiana are in decline, including bobwhite quail, ring-necked pheasant, Henslow’s sparrow, and loggerhead shrike. Developing grassland and pollinator habitat on private land is important for the survival of these species in Indiana.

Grassland habitat is also valuable to common game species such as white-tailed deer and wild turkey. Wild turkeys use grassland habitat for rearing their young and nesting, while white-tailed deer bed in the native cover and obtain essential nutrients from grazing on wildflowers.

Developing grassland habitat has many benefits including helping pollinators, wildlife viewing, hunting, and conservation-minded land management. Several workshops will be held throughout the state. Find a workshop on the DNR calendar at

People who cannot attend a workshop but are interested in participating in the GGS initiative or supporting grassland efforts can visit for more information and contact their regional biologist.

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