On Sunday, October 21, Bravas Quality Meats held “Meet Your Meat” which was free and open to anyone curious about the supply chain they are building with Wood Farms (11402 Indianapolis Rd), restaurants, chefs and home cooks. There was free lunch, informational packets and hay-ride tours of the farm. Overall, the event intended to emphasize the importance of locally sourced food.

Guests were served all they could eat “hog and fixin’s” prepared from scratch including the feature of the event, a 200-poundheritage breed Berkshire hog which was roasted in a newly built smoker on-site at Wood Farm. They were also treated to a cash bar by Hop River Brewing Company & Junk Ditch Brewing Company.

Bravas, which began as a hot-dog cart, has been renown as a champion of the Fort Wayne food truck scene, however the newer physical restaurant (3412 Fairfield Ave) has been slowly adding butcher to their list of services. According to Bravas, their butcher focus going forward will be pasture raised, hand cut, responsibly raised products.

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