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Saint Aloysius hosted its first Farmers Market on Saturday, August 18, 2018. What a fun idea brought to fruition on this sunny morning in late summer! Parishioners donated freshly picked produce from their gardens while others brought homemade bakery items. Some made salsa, honey, crafts, and much more. The setting right off Highway 1and IN469 was an ideal location for displaying their wares for the public. Kurt Thompson and others brought their antique tractors for display as well, and many children had fun climbing up and pretending to “drive” the tractor.

A big thank to Steve Heckber who took the lead on this project with co-chair Kandi (Rhodabaugh) Magner. All proceeds benefitted designated parish projects at Saint Aloysius Catholic Church.

A parishioner commented, “It was so much fun visiting with long time fellow parishioners and meeting new ones at the St. Aloysius Farmers Market today. I’m going home to make pickles with all these fresh cucumbers!”

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