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J. Allen Shaw, released his third children’s book on July 1st. “Life Stinks! So Why Can’t I?” Taking a break from his Brainstorm series, Shaw wanted to take children on a different type of journey. This humorous book takes the main character through a horrible day but is humbled when she realizes she does not have it so bad. This book again uses imagination, rhymes, and colorful illustrations to entertain children’s minds. It also teaches an important “life lesson,” that everyone will relate to.

Shaw then had the opportunity to share this new book with children in Fort Wayne’s Clubhouse Program. This program is funded by the Follinger Foundation and coordinated by Taylor University. Thursday, July 5th, Shaw spoke to nearly 100 children at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church on Fairfield Avenue. Showing the importance of following dreams and using imagination, Shaw encouraged the children to not let anything stand in the way of their dreams. He went on to read all three of his books to the children and shared videos of some of his other writing experiences.

If you are interested in any of Shaw’s writings, you may check his webpage: Jallenshaw.com

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